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Super Charged for Supertrading

5 September, 2010

A year ago, as I was joining Van’s SuperTrader program, I took the suggestions in book two of the Peak Performance Course and investigated my relationship with food and drink.

Here are the major suggestions from Peak Performance:


  1. Avoid caffeine, in hot or cold drinks
  2. Avoid nicotine and other addictive drugs
  3. Avoid all wheat based products, including pasta
  4. Avoid fizzy drinks
  5. Avoid meat
  6. Avoid all vegetable oils
  7. Avoid all antibiotics
  8. Avoid all sugar and sugar substitutes
  9. Avoid microwaving, frying or baking food
  10. Avoid milk, replace with kefir


  1. Drink 2-3 litres of filtered water a day
  2. Only drink water up to 30mins before and 90 mins after finishing food
  3. Begin each day in the winter with a bowl of oatmeal porridge and in summer with a bowl of fresh fruit and kefir yoghurt
  4. Use flax seed and some olive oil in your cooking
  5. Only eat organic grains from this list – oats, millet, brown or wild rice and quinoa
  6. Steam or pressure cook food
  7. Eat small amounts of food. We only need about a fists quantity of food per meal
  8. Eat slowly
  9. Consider a regime of quality plant sourced vitamin supplements
  10. Keep a food diary

I added:

  1. Eat fresh fish
  2. A ten day fast…

After my first fast I found it really easy to ignore all alcohol and coffee. In-fact I haven’t drunk either since August 2009. I also became aware of when I was eating too much or had urges for unhealthy foods. Yes the fast caused me to have four days of intense headaches and the litre of salt water, downed each evening to clean the bowels, was a challenge but the benefits were immense, some being: a feeling of clarity in thinking; better eyesight (I had an eye test appointment just after); no bloated tummy; neutralised addictions.

So how did all this help my trading?

I realised that the slight jitteriness I had in my daytrading was food/drink related. The alcohol, caffeine and refined sugars were causing my body to fluctuate from slightly high to slightly low. All the time… Without these artificial stimulants coursing through my body I am so much calmer in front of the screens. This truly is an edge…

Blue moods are a thing of the past. I have had a sense of calm and a just above neutral, happy mood about 98% of the time this past year. I have had a highly productive year.

I wake up fresh and alert, unless the kids have had me up in the night…

No hangovers means no lost days and I always remember the conversation from the evening before…

I recognise when I have a craving for a food ‘treat’ and will choose a healthy option, fruit or miso soup, instead of a refined sugar product.

With less artificial mood swings I have been able to tune into my gut instinct and use this to guide the choices in my life.

And. I’ve lost a few pounds…

A year on and I do fall off the bandwagon from time to time and this is what I want to explore for the next month or so… How to tune-up further and make it stick?

Step One: A food diary – Don’t worry I will not bore you with the details of my daily diet but I will share the observations at the end of the exercise. I’ll note all this weeks intake/moods and then the week after the fast. I write on the back of my trading log sheets and you could use a spreadsheet like this.

Step Two: My Autumn 10 Day Fast – planned for the 21st – 30th September. Here’s the regime and ingredients necessary. It’s fairly hardcore so do take advice on whether it is right for you if you have any concerns. That said I found it fairly easy. I didn’t feel any hunger and was able to go to the gym and keep up my yoga practice throughout the full ten day period.

Step Three: Less is more – portion control. Keeping the amount of food to what I need rather than want.

Step Four: Avoiding/substituting refined sugars and wheat – it is so hard to eradicate these two. They are everywhere…

If you want to join me in the fast let me know. At least one of my yoga pals is up for it and it would probably be really helpful to have a merry band of fasters supporting each other through the end of September.