Self Mastery… 2012 Recap… Day Twenty Five – selfLESSNESS

9 February, 2012

This is my 28 day Mastery of Self diary for 2012.

Thoughts and lessons from the initial course I took in June 2010 and the re-cap in January 2011 can be found here. Over these next 28 days I will share any new found revelations plus the comments section will become a repository for all my fellow course Recappers insights.

My thoughts from past coursework:

Libby explains:

If someone is shoeless, they have no shoes, if they are homeless, they have no home, if they are selfless, they have no “self” (notice lower case spelling). You have to lose your self to find your SELF.

2010 course – I achieve nothing without selfless service. Another meaning of ‘self-less’ is the lack of little i’s.

2011 recap – self-lessness is the opposite of selfishness. selflessness requires conscious thinking, feeling and acting from The Self. The Self considers the feelings and needs of others before acting, which promotes peace.

2012 recap


I am One and any separation is selfish

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