Self Mastery… 2012 Recap… Day Eighteen – POWER

2 February, 2012

This is my 28 day Mastery of Self diary for 2012.

Thoughts and lessons from the initial course I took in June 2010 and the re-cap in January 2011 can be found here. Over these next 28 days I will share any new found revelations plus the comments section will become a repository for all my fellow course Recappers insights.

My thoughts from past coursework:

2010 course – The true source of power is a Greater Power. My SELF is tapped into this power.

2011 recap – I consciously tap into my Greater Power to draw strength and guidance from to dissolve or transform any false beliefs I have. Then I move further towards my Higher Purpose.

2012 recap


If I am not as powerful as I want then I go to a quiet/still space and ask

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