Self Mastery… Day Twenty Seven – Cheerfulness

5 February, 2011

This is my 28 day Mastery of Self diary. It contains thoughts and lessons from the initial course I took in June 2010 and the re-cap in January 2011. I will start each daily post with some quotes pertinent to the daily topic, then the lesson quotes that stood out for me at each itteration of the course plus some other observations that may be of interest/help. You’ll find my overview of the whole course here and Libby’s site for extra info and sign up here.

“Cheerfulness in most cheerful people is the rich and satisfying result of strenuous discipline.” – Edwin Percy Whipple

“Almost any event will put on a new face when received with cheerful acceptance.” – Henry S. Haskins

“When a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong; when he is cheerful, everything seems right!” – Bible

2010 course – My non-resistance, non-attachment and gratitude help me keep a positive mental attitude. I am cheerful because I know that there is something to learn as well as a blessing from the apparent hardship.

2011 recap – I do not suffer, only the person I imaginer myself to be, suffers. I cannot suffer.

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Paul February 5, 2011 at 11:27 pm

“I am free to be for I AM already”

PPO 2-5-11


L. Kae February 6, 2011 at 8:08 pm

a cheerful smile wipes the smirk off the face of adversity.


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