28 Day Mastery of The Self course

1 January, 2011

At Van Tharp’s Super Trader Summits students present accounts of their experiences on the Super Trader course. Without doubt the most referenced and ‘loved’ block of the course is Libby Adam’s Experiential Transformation – 28 Day Intensive Mastery of Self Course. The course may be life changing and certainly is eye opening. I have found it to be extra-ordinarily helpful with my personal and professional life. A definite stepping stone on the road to self realisation.

Libby defines Mastery as “increasing time lived as THE SELF and decreasing time lived as the little i’s (non useful beliefs we have about ourself and life).

For me the course is all about installing a spiritual practice at a practical level. It melds

The course is split into four themes, one week per theme, each with seven concepts to explore, one per day.

1. Self-Effort
Desire; Clarity; Purpose; Commitment; Order; Self Discipline; Self Reliance
2. Self-Observation
Focus; Awareness; The Now; Perception; The Sixth Sense; Truth; Choice
3. Self-Centred
Surrender; Trust; Willingness; Power; Non-resistance; Non-attachment; Forgiveness
4. Spiritual Connection
Fearlessness; Love; Humility; Selflessness; Gratitude; Cheerfulness; Freedom

I will expand on this survey of the course when I have finished the 2011 recap. I’d say Mid Feb…Please see the daily postings for more detail…

Libby explains where the course came from…

“Lack of power, that was our dilemma. We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves.”-Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

I lauched the first group of “non-treatment” students (aka civilians) the week after my return from India. They had all registered before I left, but didn’t quite know what the curriculum was going to be. Before that (since 1992) I used to just do the 10-hour package with Transformational Meditation sessions. Anyway the format of the 28-day program was a jump in POWER. I’m thankful to God for inspiring me with it and thankful to all of you for your receptivity!!

The way I found his book was one morning I was walking down the narrow streets of the small village of Rishikesh in Northern India. It is a beautiful little town…the same town where The Beatles stayed to study Transcendtal Meditation with Maharish Mahesh Yogi. Anyway, I was walking down the street and saw a book store, which was compelling me to come in. Once inside, the shopkeeper held up Swami Rama’s book, Living with the Himalayan Masters and said, “You will want this book.” So, I bought it and it helped me change many of the treatment-oriented concepts to the new ones I added–especially the 4th week… such as freedom, cheerfulness, selflessness, humility. 14 concepts changed and 14 remained the same.

When I rewrote/revised the course for “civilians.” I went to India and sequestered myself in a little ashram for 3 weeks to revise the program. That’s where I introduced the Swami Rama quotes.

When I used to work with the substance abusers, I really emphasized that quote from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and told them that it was NOT just the dilemma of the substance abuser, but that it was the HUMAN DILEMMA. The above quote is the only reference to do with treatment that I left in the program.

This 28-day program was originally a collaboration between my ex-husband and myself to be used in alcohol and substance in-patient treatment. He had played basketball in the NBA and developed a drug habit toward the end of his career and definitely afterward. After going through 13 different rehabs he finally overcame his addiction and then asked me if I would help him create a program that was better than the ones he had been through. Thus, the birth of the program and that’s why it was 28 days. That was 2001.

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