Some of my beliefs, also known as useful lies…

1 June, 2010

Below are some of my beliefs as an example of what sort of beliefs go into each ‘logical-level’. Yes there is a possibility that some beliefs could be placed in more than one level. Have you invested some time working out what you believe?


Action movies are great
TV Documentaries are interesting
CNBC and Bloomberg are a waste of time
Computers and smart phones are really useful
I believe in trading price action
I believe in support and resistance areas in price
I believe in Pivot Points as support and resistance
I believe price cycles and reverts to a mean
I don’t trade with indicators
I believe in backtesting a system
I believe that Position Sizing is as important as the systems I design
Meditation to be very beneficial to my life


I think about trading a lot…
I think about my family all the time
I see the God in everyone
I am a considerate driver
I am very polite
I am very grateful


I can take a mean photo
I can program profitable trading systems
I get on with most people
I can see support and resistance areas on a chart
With help I can reach very calm levels of meditation


I am passionate about trading
I am careful with what I eat and drink
I feel the positive affects of my yoga practice
Listening to my Internal Guidance is of profound importance


I am a great dad and fab husband
I am an loving friend
I help others through my love for the world
I am a great coach


We are all God
The Universe has a divine plan that is evolving
Only The Now exists

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